Ram's Gate Winery winemakers tasting several wine varieties

All About Wine Scores

Ram’s Gate Winery has crafted some exceptional wines, including some of our latest releases that were given flattering reviews by the famed critic,...

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Clusters of red wine grapes on the vine

A Guide to Red Wines

At Ram’s Gate Winery, there are few things we love more than making red wine.  Each of our Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah wines are char...

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Ram's Gate Winery winemaker holding bunches of red grapes

What is a Red Wine Blend?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we know how complex red wines can be. Whether you are trying to find one you love, or are experimenting with new varietals, y...

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Winemaking tossing white wine grapes at Ram's Gate Winery

A Guide to White Wines

Our experienced team of wine professionals at Ram’s Gate Winery believes a good white wine makes for a great day. Whether you are pairing a crisp s...

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Four sheep grazing on grass at Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma

What is a Sustainable Wine?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we are very particular about how our 28-acre estate is treated by everyone who steps foot on her, which is why we take a holi...

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