All About Wine Scores

Ram’s Gate Winery has crafted some exceptional wines, including some of our latest releases that were given flattering reviews by the famed critic, Jeb Dunnuck, and dubbed high point wines. 

Here is the thing about wine, though. Whether it is a Ram’s Gate Wine or another brand, its rating, otherwise known as a wine score, can tell you a lot about the relative quality of the wine at the time of tasting.

Robert Parker created a scoring system for wine that allows wineries or retailers to market their qualitative points—from 50 to 100—which is still used by Wine Advocate today and is mimicked by critics across the globe. 

Here is what you should know about wine scores. 

What is a Wine Score?

A wine score is swift and unfussy way for a wine critic to convey their thoughts and opinions about the quality of a wine during tasting. 

Wine scores help consumers and collectors decide which wines to buy and can be a powerful marketing tool often found alongside tasting notes. 

Here is how the wine scoring system works. 

  • Wine Score: 96-100
  • Extraordinary wines that fall in the top tier of wine scores have a complex character and are often deemed classics, which are worth a special effort to find. 

  • Wine Score: 90 - 95
  • Outstanding wine of exceptional character and complexity often labeled, “Terrific!”

  • Wine Score: 80 - 89
  • Anything below 90 begins veering into, at the low end, barely above average to, at the higher end, very good wine with flavor, character, finesse, and no noticeable flaws.

  • Wine Score: 70 - 79
  • Straightforward wines that are soundly made, but of average quality and little distinction, appear in the 70s scoring range. 

  • Wine Score: 60 - 69
  • If there is nothing distinct about a wine scored in the 70s, the lesser tier is certain to reflect a below average wine containing noticeable deficiencies, including the lack of flavor, or excessive tannin or acidity. 

  • Wine Score: 50 - 59
  • The lowest of the wine score tier is reserved for those deemed unacceptable to consume. 

    What are Critics Saying About Ram’s Gate Wine?

    We are not much for tooting our own horn, but we do have several 90+ point wines, which rewards our experienced team of wine professionals for their active involvement in our vineyards and their thoughtful care in our cellar, and we are proud of each for what they offer in their varietal style. 

    Here are a few Ram’s Gate wines famed critic, Jeb Dunnuck, enjoyed from our vineyards. 

    • 2018 Chardonnay, Flora Marie Vineyard: 96 Points
    • 2018 Pinot Noir, El Diablo Vineyard: 96 Points
    • 2018 Pinot Noir, Ram's Gate Estate: 95+ Points
    • 2018 Syrah, Hyde Vineyard: 93 - 95 Points
    • 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Ram's Gate Estate: 92 Points

    Whether you enjoy sparkling wine, whites, reds, rosés, or everything in between, we have a Ram’s Gate Wine for you. 

    Get to Know Ram’s Gate Wine in a Variety of Ways

    Learn more about our exciting wine collections by reserving a wine tasting experience on our veranda, or through one of our informative virtual encounters that will allow you to sample our varietals from home. To automatically enjoy our wines through periodic shipments, join our wine club, or order online for delivery or curbside pickup today.