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The portfolio of Ram’s Gate Wines is crafted with a desire of thoughtfulness and continuity as you taste through our line-up. Much like a musician puts care in developing a record album or a chef prepares a multi-course meal. Starting with our Sonoma Coast selections where you are introduced to our winemaking style, the wines are playful and enticing. The Cellar Note series engages you with precision and the Single Vineyard Wines wow you with personality. The Estate Collection of wines is where our terroir takes center stage and demonstrates the confluence of what makes this place special and the dedicated drive of our winemaking team. From start to finish you will feel the momentum build, where each wine is unique and special, and no theme is repeated.

Sonoma Coast Selections

Our Sonoma Coast Selections features an array of multi-dimensional blends that capture the essence of a diverse growing region. Fueled by an unwavering attention to detail, each wine represents the strength in blending, vineyard selection, and quality craftsmanship.

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Cellar Note Series

The Cellar note series takes a deep dive into the heart of our winemaking and our fascination with understanding typicity of variety and vintage. “Cellar Note” a term used to refer to work-orders in wine cellars of Australia, this series is driven from the work our winemaking team performs throughout the growing season, harvest, and finally blend assemblage. Another way to taste and think about wine, Cellar Note is an ongoing experiment with hopes of being both varietally correct and vintage specific through the lens of our team.

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Single Vineyard Wines

Along our Journey, we have had the opportunity to explore and work with some of the most cherished terroirs in Northern California.  These vineyards and the people who farm them, produce wines with personality and uniqueness that we believe captures the many voices and flavors of Sonoma and Napa that we treasure.

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Estate Collection

The crème de la crème of what excites us about wine and winemaking, our Estate Collection captures the beautiful terroir that we call home and puts on display our endless work both in the vineyard and in the cellar to make these wines and this land, truly world-class.

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