Discover Single Vineyard Wines

Our experienced team of wine professionals at Ram’s Gate Winery knows that we are only the stewards of the land where our grapes grow, and we are committed to using sustainable practices that allow our Ram's Gate Wine to be enjoyed for years to come. 

The real star of our California vineyards is the unique environment and growth habits, also called terroirs, that we nurture throughout the year. While we have no control over Mother Nature, our Northern California wine appellation lends itself to the daily and nightly temperatures, soil, topography, and water quality that allows our Single Vineyard Wines to shine long after they are bottled. 

Whether you prefer a Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay, Ram’s Gate Wine begins with premium grape production that translates in both balance and harmony for the person on the other side of the cork. 

What Does it Mean to Be a Single Vineyard Wine?

Single Vineyard Wines are exactly as they sound: Each drop of wine in the bottle comes from a single vineyard site.  

Why? Because it is a better product. The grapes that are cultivated in single vineyards are isolated from other varietals, because they are, in a word, superior. 

Single vineyards are comprised of more than inherently advanced fruit, they are grown in a single site so they can be given more attention, which ultimately results in a higher quality wine.

What is the Difference Between a Single Vineyard Wine and an Estate Vineyard Wine?

New and veteran wine enthusiasts know that Single Vineyard Wine designations are an effective mark of quality. 

An Estate Vineyard Wine may also be exceptional, but the grapes may come from different vineyards that are owned by the same estate. When wine is made entirely from grapes owned by the same winery, and without ever leaving the winery's property, it is an Estate Vineyard Wine. 

Single Vineyard Wine may be made from a vineyard that is not owned by the winery that bottles it, but the grapes must come from a single site. 

In some cases, wine can be both meet the criteria for a single-vineyard designation and estate-bottled.

Would You Like to Learn the Difference Between Single Vineyard Wines and Estate Vineyard Wines by Taste and Texture? Ram’s Gate Winery Has Both. 

There are many ways our California residents and guests from around the country can differentiate between the delicacy of a Single Vineyard Wine and the exciting and controlled process that is reflected in an Estate Vineyard Wine on our veranda, at home during a virtual wine tasting experience, or across the country through online ordering. At Ram’s Gate Winery, we strive to help everyone enjoy new varietals or old favorites to make the most of their wine journey from an inclusive estate that values the Earth we nurture, and the people who roam her. How may we help you?