Winemaking tossing white wine grapes at Ram's Gate Winery

A Guide to White Wines

Our experienced team of wine professionals at Ram’s Gate Winery believes a good white wine makes for a great day. Whether you are pairing a crisp s...

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Four sheep grazing on grass at Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma

What is a Sustainable Wine?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we are very particular about how our 28-acre estate is treated by everyone who steps foot on her, which is why we take a holi...

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Group of friends toasting with glasses of Syrah

What Makes a Great Syrah?

What makes a great Syrah? We have answers, so you can grab a bottle on the way to your next dinner party and play the part of Syrah sommelier. 

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Colorful charcuterie and appetizer spread, paired with several Ram's Gate wines

Wine and Food Pairing 101

Great wine and food pairing techniques beautifully balance the characteristics of a wine and the components of a dish. While this may seem complex...

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