What is a Red Wine Blend?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we know how complex red wines can be. Whether you are trying to find one you love, or are experimenting with new varietals, you have certainly come across the innocuous, “Red Wine Blend” and thought, “What?” 

We understand that many red blends are not taken seriously and are often associated with lower quality wine. Do not let the universal, seemingly catch-all title fool you. 

A red blend designation is a simple one. It is any wine not made from a specific grape varietal and can be an incredible addition to any wine cellar, dinner table, or happy hour. 

Our always fluid team of wine professionals are constantly experimenting with our harvest, and diligently pursuing ways to hone our craft, which includes inviting our guests to learn more about—and taste!—ours. 

Here is more on the often-confusing subject of Red Wine Blends. 

How is a Red Wine Blend Made?

The first thing we want to impress upon red wine enthusiasts is that Red Wine Blends are not the result of “leftover” grape varietals that are mixed to avoid waste (or for any other reason).

Red Wine Blends allow winemakers to essentially take the best of each grape varietal and combine them for what is often much greater than the sum of its parts.

The grapes are usually crushed and fermented individually, according to their varietal, before the blending process takes place. 

Finding the right blend is no easy task. There is trial and error sessions, where we taste the wine and offer suggestions for how to modify the blend, and experiment with different variations of grapes.

When done well, the result is a beautiful, purposeful blend of black fruit, red fruit, earth, and spice.

What is the Most Popular Red Wine Blend?

When most people think of Red Wine Blends, they think of a mash-up of different grapes that fall into a generic category. We caution you from taking that stance. 

Many are surprised to learn that red blends can have their own designation as varietal wines, despite the use of multiple grapes. 

Two of the most popular Red Wine Blends include Bordeaux and Chianti, which are the shining stars of many winery portfolios across the globe. 

Is Cabernet Sauvignon a Red Wine Blend?

The short answer is no. What makes a great Cabernet Sauvignon is the red grape’s thick and durable skin, which creates the full-bodied varietal we all crave from these magnificently crafted wines. 

However, Cabernet Sauvignon can be blended with other wines, like a Merlot, to create the famous Bordeaux blend.  

Is Pinot Noir a Red Wine Blend?

One of the things that makes a great Pinot Noir is it rarely lends itself to a Red Wine Blend because it is one fussy grape.  

The notoriously difficult to grow fruit, and the fermenting process that provides its supple texture, is what gives Pinot Noir its identity. 

However, Pinot Noir is one of the three main grapes used in Champagne and sparkling wine production, which is a blend we can all get on board with. 

Does Ram’s Gate Winery Have a Red Wine Blend?

We do. And we are very proud of its creation. 

Our 2017 Red Wine, Cellar Note is the culmination of 50% Grenache / 50% Syrah, which provides a satisfying combination of red currants, rhubarb and tobacco to open, followed with vibrantly complementary notes of violets and raw cinnamon stick that finishes with a smooth, textural, and refreshing Crème caramel and fruit compote notes. 

Would You Like to Try Our Ram’s Gate Red Wine Blend In-Person?

There are several ways to experiment with an exciting Red Wine Blend, which include reserving a wine tasting experience and trying it in person or ordering online for delivery or curbside pickup today.