What Makes a Great Pinot Noir?

A great Pinot Noir demands reverence, which is culminated from an obsession with producing top-notch grapes at the edge of protected valleys blessed by cool breezes, morning fog, and the drift of sea air from the Pacific Ocean.

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we rely on more than the Sonoma air to produce a great Pinot Noir. 

We encourage its complexity through our sustainable farming practices and nurturing growth techniques. 

From supple to rich, what makes a great Pinot Noir is the land, the fruit, and an ever-evolving journey through its often-humbling culmination.  

Embracing the Challenges of a Finicky Fruit

Pinot Noir is produced around the world despite being notoriously difficult to grow.

The grapes are thin-skinned, leaving little natural protection from the sun, which can cause the fruit to ripen too quickly. 

They grow in very tightly clustered bunches, which limits ventilation and invites uneven ripening or, worse, rotting. 

The flowers bud very early, creating the vulnerable circumstances for late spring frosts which can devastate a new crop without notice. 

Conversely, if it is too hot, the grapes overripen and create a jam-centric outcome. 

What’s more, they are susceptible to all types of vineyard hazards, including various kinds of mildew, viruses, and insects. 

With all the challenges that can occur in a vintage; drought, fire, late rain, and smoke to name a few, our winemaking team embraces each twist and turn with eternal optimism. Utilizing this hope as fuel to persevere and evolve year after year.

Pinot Noir: An Artistry Inspired by Humility

Pinot Noir is a fastidious bunch that requires the perfect conditions to thrive, which is why the landscape of its origin one of the keys to its success.  

Ram’s Gate Winery unfolds over a 28-acre estate directly between the San Francisco Bay and the edges of Napa and Sonoma counties — perfect placement for one of the world’s most esteemed terroirs. 

Defined by the environment’s coastal influence, which is ideal for growing elegant and nuanced Pinot Noir, we are consistently humbled by Mother Nature, which allows our craft to evolve with Her challenges year after year.

The result? A light and fragrant, delicate and exquisitely pale ruby red pour, without the weighty tannin structure of a Cabernet. 

The silkiness of our Pinot Noir initially caresses the palate before its evocative finish of flavor draws to a close. 

The Meticulous Craftsmanship of Pinot Noir 

Delivering a great Pinot Noir requires a shared appreciation of its journey and a commitment to land stewardship to deliver a well-crafted wine from acreage that directly inspires our techniques. 

The integrity of our winery, mission, and products begins with our partnership with the land and the grapes, where we are humbled to experience the complexity of this undeniable and iconic wine’s journey. 

Brooding with rich fruit flavors, our Pinot Noirs have subtle allspice and earthy undertones from aging to in imported French oak barrels before making their way to our nuanced, yet highly sophisticated preservation process. 

Simply put? What makes a great Pinot Noir is an unwavering commitment to quality.

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