What Makes a Delicious Chardonnay?

The world’s most popular white wine, Chardonnay, sharply divides wine lovers throughout the world. Some love its supple fruit and buttery oak flavors while others simply would rather drink “anything but Chardonnay.” 

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we take great pride in the complexity of the grape that makes our estate vineyard Chardonnay portfolio a study in the spectrum of flavors and style from lean and mineral to crisp and fruity and savory and rich big oak.

We believe a delicious Chardonnay enhances an already meaningful experience. 

Here’s why. 

Chardonnay Mirrors its Terroir

While all wine varietals reflect their terroirs, including the air, soil, sun and shade exposure, and day-to-night climates, the unique quality of Chardonnay is that its ability to mirror its terroir is unmatched, which is where its personality begins to shine. 

The terroir shapes how different Chardonnays taste and feel, which is as diverse as our collection. 

In warmer climes, Chardonnay grapes can taste tropical and are fuller bodied with higher alcohol content. In cooler settings, the flavors pack a punch of refreshing acidity combined with apricot and peach flavors that lean toward its elegant mineral character.

That is part of what makes the Chardonnay grape so popular. It can be grown to produce distinctive regional flavors that white wine enthusiasts crave, yet still be shaped by the winery producing it to be unique. 

Chardonnay Begins with Technique

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s annual report listed over 93,000 acres of California vineyards were planted to Chardonnay last year making it one of the most planted grape varieties in Wine Country—and literally everywhere else on the planet.

But that does not mean all Chardonnays are created equal. 

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we are dedicated to capturing the true expression of our fruit through a holistic technique that delivers an impressive array of different flavors.

Our craftsmanship is developed from techniques that keep our Chardonnay true to form for its devoted supporters and freshly focused for the newly rebellious consumers who are looking for an energetic Chardonnay to call their own. 

Fermentation Gives Chardonnay its Structure

Chardonnay is famous for its Malolactic—or Malo—wine barrel fermentation process, which transforms the tart and bitterness of the grape skins into a softer tannin, giving it the buttery toast and spice flavors its loyalists enjoy. 

Since Chardonnay is a wine so ubiquitous that it can be easily taken for granted, we embrace its abundance as one that challenges us to discover evolving fermentation techniques that allow our Chardonnay to stand apart. 

Whether you prefer a light and fruity or rich and earthy Chardonnay, we are consistently working on a version that reflects the care and sustainable approach we are committed to expanding on our estate vineyard. 

If you would like to learn more about how our Chardonnays have evolved, and which one may be right for you, try our collections through one of our informative virtual experiences, join our wine club, or order online for delivery or curbside pickup today.