What Are the Benefits of a Wine Club?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we know the only thing worse than having only white wine on hand when you have a house full of red wine lovers is reaching for a bottle of wine—for personal use, entertaining, to take along to an engagement, or even as a gift—only to find the rack is bare.

Whether you are taking in a nice glass of Chardonnay with a friend at the end of a long day or discovering a new Pinot Noir during a dinner party, there is an exclusive way to ensure the richness of California wine country is at your infinite disposal: By joining our wine club.

Become Part of a Wine Club with Exclusive Member Benefits 

We have certainly noticed an uptick in online wine clubs catering to the at-home crowds, as many companies are looking for a way to unload their overproduced varietals at a seemingly discounted price. 

The problem is, joining just any online wine club may result in receiving varying brands of wine, in different varieties that offer little consistency and a lot of research to understand their vineyard’s origin, production path and principles. 

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we provide value that allows wine lovers to enjoy sustainably grown and produced wines that are derived with care, quality and a holistic process that allows our signature Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other varietals to stand apart through exclusive benefits.  

The benefits of joining a wine club include:

  • Priority access to limited production bottlings and new release wines
  • Replenished collection of varietals you already love
  • Curated supplies of wine delivered directly to your door, saving time and resources
  • Knowledgeable vintners providing consistent and quality white, red, or a combination of both wines
  • Exclusive access to new varietals for members only
  • Member pricing on culinary pairings and wine tastings
  • Private invitations to exclusive events
  • Access to special benefits with preferred partners
  • Savings of up to 15% on all wine bottle purchases
  • Free or flat rate ground shipping, depending on the membership package

At Ram’s Gate Winery, our wine club is free to join and allows our members to look forward to receiving their go-to favorites or the anticipation of trying something new and compelling with each shipment.

Ram’s Gate Winery Places Our Wine Club Members in Control

Our Ram’s Gate Winery wine club memberships are versatile, and only require devoting one year to enjoying California wine country without leaving your home. 

You can choose from three different wine club memberships, including 12 or six curated selections per shipment that are delivered in Winter, Spring and Fall, or two bottles of our winemaker selections delivered every other month. 

Each exclusive wine club participation allows our members to choose from red wines only, white wines only, or a combination of both red and white wines. 

Experience our Ram’s Gate Winery craftsmanship first hand through regularly scheduled shipments by joining our wine club, or logon to request a virtual wine tasting session today