What Makes Ram's Gate Wine Special?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we are undeniably committed to leaving this earth better than we found it by discovering holistic approaches to creating wholesome, world-class wines that evolve with our estate vineyard’s dedication to being true stewards of the land. 

Our experienced team of wine professionals understands that we did not invent wine, or the process by which it makes its way into our glasses, but we enjoy adapting our practices to be consistently sustainable through careful farming, and thoughtful winemaking that shines in every bottle.

It starts with respect for our appellations and terroirs and continues with our commitment to cultivating our grapes for our signature collections now and protecting their ability to thrive in the future. 

It continues with our devoted approach to providing our customers with an experience that brings value to their enjoyment of wine. Because we know that you can buy wine anywhere. But you can only truly enjoy a product you can firmly stand behind. 

Our knowledge, skill and gracious winemaking proficiency deliver value socially, environmentally, and flavorfully. That is why we are here.  

Our Estate Vineyard Was Built on Thoughtfulness and Continuity 

Ram’s Gate Winery is uniquely positioned as a purposeful gateway to California Wine Country.  

With the Sonoma Coast on the east, Carneros on the west, and the edge of the grand Sonoma Valley to the south, our products are the culmination of a combined winemaking philosophy that tells the world we were meant for this. 

Our thoughtful approach to ensuring our land is treated with respect and that each type of grape we grow is flush with personality allows us to continuously and creatively develop our Estate Collection, Single Vineyard Wines and Cellar Note Series. 

The Ram’s Gate Winery Collection Tells a Story

Fueled by an unwavering attention to detail, each wine that bears the Ram’s Gate brand represents our strength in blending, vineyard selection, and quality craftsmanship that allows our wines to tell a story. 

And not just any story. Your story. 

Whether you are a white wine enthusiast, red wine connoisseur or love both for all the right reasons, our varietals allow you to relax and share your stories with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors over a unique and special wine that represents a commitment to our craft from corking to the final pour. 

Our California wine is represented in multi-dimensional blends that capture the essence of a diverse growing region, and an even more diverse audience that reflects our integrity and steadfast position that great wine is for everyone. 

So, what makes Ram’s Gate wine special? You do. 

Learn more about our exciting wine collections through one of our informative virtual experiences, join our wine club, or order online for delivery or curbside pickup today.