How is Wine Made?

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we view winemaking as a journey. 

One that requires a heartfelt approach to actively engaging the evolution of our vineyards’ terroirs year after year.

All land deserves a worthy steward, and our vineyards are no exception. 

Our tireless approach to fostering sustainability begins with understanding the ecology of each acre of the earth our grapes call home. From the dirt and sunshine to honoring how our vines are nurtured, we create more bounty and less waste from our growing and harvesting techniques to our fermentation and bottling methods.  

Our craftsmanship is cemented in a holistic approach to showing the world how California wine is made, beyond the five basic steps that envelope the process.  

To us, creating wines with the right balance of acid, tannin, richness and body creates a gateway to more than taste and texture, but an appreciation for the land itself. 

The Five Basic Steps of Winemaking

Ask anyone how to make wine, from the home oenologist to the veteran vintner, and they will tell you there are five basics steps to follow. 

They include:

  • Harvesting
  • Crushing and pressing 
  • Fermentation 
  • Clarification 
  • Aging and bottling

The largely overlooked step is the long, patiently sustained process of cultivating the grapes for each varietal. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. And in the often-humbling enjoyment of understanding the nuances of each California wine we produce, we thrive on sharing it with wine lovers everywhere. 

Winemaking Begins in the Vineyard, Not The Cellar

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we work hard to understand the soil of each site we nurture to ensure we are improving its lifecycle, not draining its nutrients. 

That means being present throughout each growing season to understand every intimate detail of the wind, sun, shade, fog, and pruning techniques that allow our grapes to discover their potential. 

The production journey is more than turning grapes into white or red wine. It is capturing what each vineyard can accomplish by individually nurturing specific sites to improve our harvest and decrease waste, which allows us to preserve the integrity of our land and our products. 

Embracing Sustainability to Create an Improved California Wine 

Since 2015, Ram’s Gate Winery has taken great pride in the one label that matters — other than those on our bottles — Certified Sustainable Vineyard.  

We are a part of this planet, and the fruit we produce reflects our commitment to its health, wealth and prosperity that translates to our thoughtful care in the cellar. 

Before we can harvest the grapes that make our California wine varietals, we commit to sustainable farming efforts that allow us to share our love of the earth with each of our customers, whether their palate is uniquely red or white wine focused.

This sincere approach to fostering holistic farming practices drives our production procedures and allows our wines to stand on principle — and taste. 

If you have questions about our winemaking techniques, or are interested in experiencing our different white or red wine varietals, shop online or contact us today to schedule a virtual wine tasting session from home.