All About Wines from California's Sonoma Coast

With a total landmass of nearly 1,600 square miles, Sonoma County has a great degree of climatic variation and numerous, often very different, microclimates determined by elevation, proximity to the ocean, and east or west orientation. 

This stretch of the Northern California coast is often very mild and temperate, inviting guests to enjoy the wine varietals produced by Ram’s Gate Winery, and every size operation in between small family-run wineries and internationally heralded wine houses.

This acclaimed wine country provides fertile grounds for some of the most terrific wines that are celebrated the world over, thanks to its diverse terroir that allows wine enthusiasts to discover the gateway to our Sonoma Coast Series from our Gap’s Crown Vineyard and Durell Vineyard

Meet Our Sonoma County Cane Pruned Vineyards

Cultivating and harvesting grapes is a science that requires vine training systems to assist in finding the perfect balance of sun to shade canopy management that produces our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir wines. 

Our Durell Vineyard unfolds over a hillside with western exposure, complete with southeast-facing slopes that support the viticulture required to produce 400 acres of our prized Chardonnay and Syrah. 

Conversely, our Gap's Crown Vineyard is developed over 138 acres, each of which is evolved from a journey of craftsmanship dedicated solely to our Pinot Noir, thanks to its east-west, bottom hillside position. 

While very different in size, aspect and varietals, both vineyards are managed by cane pruned vine training that is designed to avoid excessive shading of the fruit by the leafy growth to produce succulent fruit for harvest, not waste. 

Multi-Dimensional Blends that Capture the Essence of a Diverse Growing Region

The Sonoma Coast provides a holistic and wholesome placement for vineyard selections that demand quality craftsmanship for each Chardonnay, Syrah, and Pinot Noir varietal we produce. 

Our Chardonnay starts as a green-skinned grape variety to become the oaky, buttery Chardonnay that begins with a fruit-centric profile and unwinds into earth and mineral notes produced by the influence of our coastal fogs that slow the ripening of the grape, giving it more time to develop its rich flavors. 

The aromatic power of our Syrah is refined in true California style to capture the nuanced end of the spectrum. The savory-edged fruit flavor of our Syrah is rounded out nicely with a ground pepper and dark mineral finish. This deeply expressive wine shows why Sonoma Coast can serve up an enviable Syrah deserving of its noble French roots. 

Cultivating the rich and complex Pinot Noir grape can humble even the most seasoned Sonoma County vintners, as it requires great care and attention to detail to properly develop its coloring and aromatic compounds. 

While Pinot Noir may vary in hue, color is no indication of quality. This varietal, almost always bottled alone, is prized for its diverse aromatic profile ranging from fresh berry flavor to earth-centric notes that give Pinot Noir its enormous depth. 

Experience Wine Varietals Direct from California’s Sonoma Coast

Experience our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Syrah or Pinot Noir craftsmanship first hand through online order and delivery, requesting a curbside pick-up, or through a virtual wine tasting session today