New Endings, New Beginnings

New Endings, New Beginnings

It was with mixed feelings we toasted to the Harvest 2013 crew on Friday as we celebrated Alex and Celesse’s last day as Harvest Interns. The joyful organized chaos that is harvest has settled into a steady calm, as each of the lots finishes fermenting and heads to the Barrel Hall to age before bottling.

It was a year of beautiful fruit, an early, long harvest with glorious sunshine and warm fall nights. We can’t say “thank you” enough to the dedicated crew that oversaw the grape arrivals, sortings, fermentations, barrel-downs and everything in-between.

Pictured above from left, Interns Alex and Celesse, Assistant Winemaker Jesse and Cellarmaster Luke. Not pictured: Cellar Tech Carlos and Everything-man Omar.

Cheers to Harvest 2013 – and here’s looking ahead to Harvest 2014!

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