It's Always a Good Time for Sparkling Wine

At Ram’s Gate Winery, we absolutely believe that any time is a good time for sparkling wine. 

Summer’s here, and with 2021 bringing new hope for health, happiness—and finally—get-togethers, there has never been a better time to toast with the people you love. 

If you are looking for something noteworthy and memorable, we suggest our 2013 Blanc De Noirs, Ram's Gate Estate sparkling wine, which is a beautiful blend of fruit, sparkle, and shine, if we do say so ourselves. 

Here is why: This 2013 vintage was produced from Pinot Noir grapes and was the earliest pick on record for Ram’s Gate.  

Grown in the old block on the eastern edge of our property, our 2013 Blanc De Noirs, Ram’s Gate Estate sparkling wine launched a spell of vintages that are remarkable in flavor and reflective of our winery’s growth. 

Suffice it to say, we are proud of this Sonoma sparkler. 

What Can I Expect from the 2013 Blanc De Noirs, Ram’s Gate Estate Sparkling Wine?

At Ram’s Gate, we really do our best not to boast about our products. As winemakers, we are often humbled by aspects of the process and, well, it simply is not our style. 

Instead, we prefer to provide a straightforward account of what makes them great and let our potential sippers decide for themselves. 

However, if we had to say what can be expected from our 2013 Blanc De Noirs, Ram’s Gate Estate sparkling wine, we would officially report: Happiness. 

Technically, upon pouring you can expect a pale gold color in the glass, gentle bubbles, foamy head, and a remarkably fresh burst of lemon parfait, crème fraiche, and apple-blossom on the nose. 

On the palate, the youthful acidity of the wine is complemented by Asian pear and crème brulée. 

The finish is a modest .4% dosage at bottling, extending its mid-palate weight to balance the wine’s brightness creating a delightful “Cheers!” for any occasion. 

Where Did Sparkling Wine Get Its Start?

There are many records of where sparkling wine got its start. 

Historical Roman and Greek writers recorded the existence of effervescent wines, while mysteriously bubbly, as simply an attribution to the phases of the moon.

There were reports of Caesar and Cleopatra enjoying bubbly during frequent celebrations, and by 77 A.D. Pliny, a naturalist and natural philosopher—and a naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire—wrote of his experience with a sparkler that, “is a wine that is really excellent, the aigleucos, naturally sweet with effervescent presence.”

The Romans went on to produce the Potropum, a sweet and sparkling wine obtained by preventing the fermentation of musts with the immersion of tanks in the cold waters of the wells.

Much later, formal writings began to appear in the 16th Century by the monks of Saint-Hilaire, explaining the Blanquette de Limoux bubbly. 

In the 17th Century, a much more recognizable name—Dom Pierre Pérignon—a French Benedictine monk, was listed as making important contributions to the production and quality of Champagne wine, when wines in France were still mostly red. 

The evolution of sparkling wine and champagne continued to be refined for years to come before they began being produced in the Golden State in the 1860s. 

While there are many accounts of where, when, and who can be attributed with sparkling wine, also called Champagne in its respective region of France, and Cava in Spain, the most important thing to know is, it is here, and it is fantastic. 

Is Now a Good Time for Sparkling Wine? You Bet!

Are you ready to usher in summer with a fresh sparkler? Order our 2013 Blanc De Noirs, Ram’s Gate Estate sparkling wine online for delivery or pickup at our Sonoma gateway location, join us for a wine tasting and food pairing experience, or contact us to learn more about our complete collection, and let the celebrating begin!