What Makes Rosé Special?

The popularity of Rosé has skyrocketed in recent years, with a resurgence as an anytime, day or night, warm weather wine that is both fashionable and trendy, despite it being one of the oldest wines ever made. 

So, what makes this versatile wine the darling of nearly all who try her?

The fun pink hue and bright acidity are taking new wine drinkers by storm while remaining a staple as a lunchtime salad companion for some of the most experienced wine enthusiasts. 

At Ram’s Gate Winery, our winemaking team have a few ideas on what makes Rosé special—including ours

A Delicious Rosé Should Be Dry, Not Sweet

Rosé may have a sweet looking appearance, but in its truest form—reflecting its classic makeup—it should be dry. Unlike White Zinfandel that tends to be commonly associated with sweetness, Rosé is known for intense fruit flavors and a crisp finish.  

Do not make the mistake of mixing up the two. All pink-hued wines are not created equal. And with so many varieties on the market—thanks to its social popularity—look for a Rosé that is dryer than sweet, so it can be experienced properly. 

The Perfect Pink 

Rosé gets its distinct pink color through a production process where the red grapes are juiced, or macerated, and left to soak in their skin. Depending on the winery’s technique, the soak can last from an hour to a day or two, resulting in varying pink hues. The longer the maceration process, the darker pink the Rosé. 

Next, the grape skins are removed, and the juice continues to ferment. 

Most Rosé wines are blends of multiple grapes, including ours, which is a combination of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Grenache.  

A Great Rosé is the Epitome of Fresh

Rosé resembles the flavor profile of light red wine, but with brighter and crisper tasting notes.

At Ram’s Gate Winery, our Rosé perfectly sums up the prettiness of its pink composition while paying homage to the vintage coolness it inspires. 

Think fresh raspberry, strawberry, cherry and citrus zest combined with a flowery and delightful acidity that finishes fresh with melon and grapefruit to the palate, sip after sip. 

If you have not tried Rosé—recently or ever—or have been turned off by its booming popularity, now is the time to get (re)acquainted with an old-world wine that is energetic, clean and refreshing.  

Learn more about our Rosé through one of our informative virtual experiences, or get ready for Spring by ordering online for delivery or curbside pickup today.