You know it’s harvest when…

We’ve loved sharing Harvest 2014 with you, both online and through our Tasting Hall, and in honor of today being our final day of harvesting 2014 fruit, we wanted to share our team’s reflection on this dazzling, bustling, exhausting, completely rewarding time of year.

You know it’s harvest when…

Traffic is predominately due to grape trucks.

Grape Truck

Our team grows to include members of the aviary family, with falcons protecting the ripe grapes.


It’s not uncommon to shake a juice-stained hand.


The Tasting Hall includes freshly-picked grapes to pair with Ram’s Gate wines.

Diablo Vineyard Chardonnay

Grape skins pervade all areas of the winery, even appearing in places that seem impossible.

Grape Skins at Ram's Gate Winery

The winery starts to smell like freshly-baked bread from the active fermentations.

Oak Fermenters at Ram's Gate Winery

The faint lull of high-powered engines across the road at Sonoma Raceway is punctuated by the soothing beeps of a forklift reversing.

First Pick 008

The most appropriate clothing is durable enough to stand up to the brilliant purple of a grape stain – or, the kind you’re comfortable recycling after each and every harvest.

The end-of-harvest boots of Winemaker Jeff Gaffner
The end-of-harvest boots of Winemaker Jeff Gaffner

Everyone – from the Wine Guide team to membership to marketing – takes a turn on the sorting table.

Sorting Table 1

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