Wine Myth #1: Wine is Complicated

Happy #winewednesday to all!

Wine Myth Number One: Wine is Complicated

Our Wine Guides have a lot of fantastic conversations each week in the Tasting Hall over sips of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. One such topic cropping up lately has been regarding wine myths. All too frequently, we hear that wine has a crazy learning curve; that it’s impossible to understand and way too dense a topic. We hear wine myths of all shapes and sizes, so we’re here to snuff them right out.

Wine Myth #1: That wine is complicated. It’s true that the study of wine can dive into millions of factoids and pounds of textbook pages, but when it comes down to that first delightful sip of an inspiring glass of Pinot Noir, the result is one of the simplest pleasures out there. Complex, yes. Complicated? Enjoyment never should be.

Stay tuned for more #winemyths to come!

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