Steve Hill

Steve Hill had no experience in agriculture when his lifelong family friend Ed Durell invited him in 1979 to manage and develop his 500 acres of Sonoma County wilderness. Thirty some years later, Steve Hill has turned “Durell” into a wine connoisseur’s household name. “Parmelee-Hill” represents the 52 acres of grapevine-covered hills that Steve purchased from Ed Durell in 1994 and planted to grapevine shortly thereafter.

The Parmelee-Hill Vineyard, from which Ram’s Gate Winery creates a vineyard-designate Syrah, grows on the protected side of a hill, softened from the incoming coastal winds.

Steve Hill’s goal has always been to grow luxury grapes for luxury wine. “I want to grow a product that’s so good, even in the toughest times the demand is high.” His dedication to these vines is palpable. When asked why he insists upon working 6 or 7-day weeks, he answers, “a Friday to a Monday is an eternity in the vineyard! So much can happen in that time.” He prides himself on knowing at any moment what is happening in his vines, and on growing truly unparalleled Syrah in Sonoma County.