Stacey Combs


Stacey joined the Ram’s Gate team over 4 years ago from our Executive Sous Chef. Prior to her time at Ram’s Gate, she was at St. Francis Winery in Sonoma. Since joining our team, she has proven to be a vital asset through her creativity, attention to detail, and overall extraordinary palate. In January 2019, Stacey was promoted to Executive Chef. As Executive Chef she is responsible for leading the culinary department, and for continuing to create excellent wine and food pairings.

Stacey’s love for the culinary arts was recognized at an early age. Stacey’s father was an avid cook and loved discovering new cuisines. He loved collecting recipes and transforming them into his own. Her creative and adventurous approach to the culinary arts comes from watching her father’s own culinary adventure unfold. Additionally, Stacey’s mother is Taiwanese. Stacey was exposed to the bold flavors of her Asian heritage and from time to time we see her create a pairing utilizing both her experience and passion for flavor. These influences inspired Stacey to take the leap into the food & wine industry (after she discovered that being a veterinarian wasn’t just hugging puppies, after all.)

At home Stacey enjoys drinking Rieslings and Pinot Noirs with her husband, Thaddeus, who is also the Executive Chef for Tip’s Roadside in Kenwood.


We are growing and so is our team! Even if we are currently not hiring, we are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals in the wine industry. We would love to hear from you.

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