2018 Sauvignon Blanc,
Ram’s Gate Estate

Tasting Notes

Perhaps one of the cooler areas to grow Sauvignon Blanc, the 2018 Estate Sauvignon Blanc shows classic characteristics of the variety and is sure to be a showstopper. Early opening of the vine canopy allowed for more dappled sunlight on the fruit resulting in increased flavor development. The cooler vintage maintains a modest alcohol.

Comprised of two clones of Sauvignon blanc including a musqu selection, the nose pops with orange blossom, apricot, ruby-red grapefruit and key lime. With the inclusion of barrel fermentation in 2018, a textural presence is felt on the palate with complimenting chamomile spice that leads to a long, refreshing finish.

Aged 5 months in barrel and stainless-steel, the wine is wonderfully friendly in its youth, however noticeable complexity both aromatically and on the palate suggest this wine will be a cellar-worthy addition to your collection.






Estate Vineyard




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