Pinot Two Ways

Yesterday, we harvested Estate Pinot Blanc…

Rams Gate Estate Pinot Noir on the Sorting Table
Estate Pinot Blanc on the sorting table

as well as a few rows of Estate Pinot Noir — about four tons total.

Estate Pinot Noir Cluster

It’s certainly not typical for us to harvest these two kinds of Pinot on the same day. “Half of the Pinot Noir rows, those furthest from the winery, were about an entire degree Brix riper than the others,” says Winemaker Jeff Gaffner. The remaining rows will likely be picked in a little over a week, depending on sugar and acidity levels.

Estate Pinot Noir Harvest

Yesterday’s pick began around 4am with Pinot Noir in the Estate Wingo Vineyard, followed by the four tons of Pinot Blanc.

Estate Pinot Noir Harvested

Estate Pinot Noir Harvest

Both were hand-sorted before proceeding to their fermentation vessels, but that’s where the similarities end for these two varieties. The Pinot Blanc cold-soaked overnight before being pressed this morning; the juice will then ferment in stainless steel.


The Pinot Noir, by contrast, will complete fermentation before being pressed.

Happy Harvesting,
Ram’s Gate Winery

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