Judging Vines by their Colors

Vine Leaves Changing Colors

The rains of El Niño haven’t quite begun in full force, but by mid-December, our Estate vines are starting their days shrouded in Carneros fog.

Their leaves are days away from falling completely, and it’s now, in this time between seasons, that we’re seeing on of the most fascinating aspects of viticulture: leaf color.

Yellow-Red Leaf Colors

Above, on the left, are Grenache Blanc vines; on the right are Durell Clone Syrah. Together they create the most vivid picture of varietal distinction on our estate, as if an artist ran out of red ink halfway up the vineyard.

Yellow-Red Vine Leaves

It’s one of the many reasons we love having a number of different varieties planted within the 26 vine acres on our estate – seeing each grow distinctly and bear its unique fruit.

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