Introducing… The Board

What do we mean when we call our wines “food-friendly”? In recent years in the wine world, describing a wine as “food-friendly” hasn’t always been the best form of flattery.

Why? Because adding a dimension of flavor onto one’s palate plays the duplicitous role of masking flaw in whatever else is interacting with the palate’s receptors. It hides imbalance and makes less desirable flavors more palatable.

A “food wine” has, then, developed this negative connotation of being a wine that needs food in order to please one’s palate.

We’re here to change that.

In December of 2013, our Executive Chef and team of wine experts developed a new kind of palate cleanser to the wine list: The Board.

Ram's Gate Cheese, Charcuterie and Accompaniments The Board
Photo Credit Ed Anderson

Not only cheese, not only charcuterie, but a collage of all the delightful noshes we recommend with our wines, The Board is composed of Chef’s locally sourced cheese and house-made accompaniments and provides a symphony of tastes for the palate to enjoy alongside Ram’s Gate wines. The result is mutual benefit: the wines heighten how the pairings taste; the pairings bring out the best in each wine.

The Board at Ram's Gate Winery
Photo Credit Ed Anderson

The specific items on The Board will change seasonally, but here’s a peek at the current components:

  • Housemade veal sausage with an apricot mostarda
  • Housemade bresaola
  • Caramelized Leek
  • Point Reyes Bay Blue – (cow’s milk cheese) – Point Reyes Cheese Co.
  • Txiki (sheep’s milk cheese) – Barinaga Ranch
  • Kenne (goat’s milk cheese) – Tamales Creamery
  • Caramelized leek and Wagon Wheel roll
  • Almonds, candied with fennel pollen and smoked brown sugar
  • Olives, marinated in-house
  • Sea salt and chocolate brittle

Executive Chef Taylr Behnam describes the board as “an opportunity for all guests to see what we do – to see how we value local high-quality ingredients. Ultimately, it’s all about showcasing our wines.”

The Board pairing option is available to all guests at Ram’s Gate Winery. Price includes a three-wine tasting flight and The Board and varies based on flight chosen; $40-$45.

To book your tasting appointment at Ram’s Gate and taste this new pairing option, click here to redirect to our online booking system, or simply contact our Concierge at 707.721.8700 or

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