Harvest Crew 2013

Harvest is a dramatic season for a number of reasons: it’s when the winery always smells likes grapes, the crush pad is abuzz from sunrise to twilight, and a year’s worth of rain, shine and wind culminate into three or four months of long hours and hard work that determine how the vintage will taste.

Those long hours are put in by an outstanding team made up of our winemakers, full-time cellar crew and harvest interns. The grapes determine when the crew arrives in the morning and leaves in the evening, often resulting in 12-hour days, 6-7 days a week.

We’d like you to meet the individuals that work so hard for our wines, especially because you won’t be seeing much of them outside the crush pad until about Thanksgiving.

Jeff Gaffner Winemaker

Assistant Winemaker Jesse Fox

Cellar Master Luke





We’d like to take this time for a massive thank-you to the 2013 Harvest Crew. This team has an unparalleled dedication and is making delicious wines for all of us to drink.  On behalf of the entire Ram’s Gate Winery team, THANK YOU Jeff, Jesse, Luke, Celesse, Omar, Alex and all those who are helping with additional winery operations. Cheers to a great 2013 harvest!


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