Harvest 2015 Update

Pinot Blanc Sauv Blanc 010

As of this morning, September 10th, we are about 60% through the 2015 harvest, trending about a month ahead of what we’d consider “normal,” and only a few days pacing ahead of the 2014 harvest.

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Each day of the last week has been filled, quite literally, with harvested grape clusters, including an all-night pick of the Ram’s Gate Estate starting at 10:00 pm Tuesday night, concluding early the next morning.

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Night harvests are a common occurrence in Wine Country, as the cool grapes remain stable while they wait their turn to be sorted and pressed. Last week, we brought in the remainder of the Estate Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc in addition to Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache Blanc.

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This week, a few big days of harvest brought in almost all of our single-vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs, finishing with Gap’s Crown Pinot Noir and Durell Chardonnay.

“By the end of next week, we’ll be harvesting Syrah,” says Assistant Winemaker Jesse Fox, “followed by Cabernet Sauvignon.”

We could be finished with the 2015 harvest well before October 1st, but we’ll keep you posted!

Ram’s Gate Winery

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