Yoga at the Pond

Join Ram’s Gate Winery and Nadra McAuliffe of Lion Heart Yoga for Yoga at the Pond. Surrounded by vineyards and facing our willow lined pond, the class focuses on making the body-mind-spirit connection through the moving flow of vinyasa and postures to build strength and flexibility. Breath-work, or pranayama, is also incorporated to calm the nervous system allowing life force energy to feed the cells of our body while also helping us to achieve mental peace and clarity. After the class, enjoy a glass of one of our popular summer wines and light bites created by Executive Chef Ruby Oliveros. 

About Nadra McAuliffe 
Nadra found yoga in 2007 when she realized the importance this practice can have on each of us individually, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Her love of the practice and realization of how it has affected her life led her to become a certified yoga teacher with more than 300 hours of intensive training and 1500 hours of teachingexperience. She continues to study and deepen her own practice which has led her to develop her own style, which she calls Lion Heart Yoga. The lion, representing strength and flexibility, the more physical side of yoga, and the heart, representing the more spiritual, mindful and philosophical side.

Friday, August 5 & 12
9:00 am - 10:00 am
$50 per person

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