An Unexpected October Harvest

Six months ago, we would have been hard-pressed to imagine being at this stage in the winemaking process on October 24th. During a “normal” year — though “normal” is a difficult word to use in the world of wine — our winemaking team would still be receiving fruit this week. Instead, due to this early harvest, each lot has already completed alcoholic fermentation and is now undergoing malolactic fermentation. A few of the earliest lots of Pinot Noir have even completed that stage in the process and are tucked away in barrel to age for the next eleven months.

By contrast, our Four Farmers’ Culinary Garden is thriving under the warm October sunshine, and beautiful veggies and herbs are being harvested daily to contribute to Chef Taylr’s member-exclusive pairings. Here’s a peek at this week’s bounty:

Freshly-harvested opal basil
Purple opal basil
Sweet Chocolate Green Bell Peppers, Antohi Romanian Peppers and Lunchbox Yellow Sweet Peppers
Three varieties of peppers: Sweet Chocolate Green, Antohi Romanian and Lunchbox Yellow
A bounty of squash and tomatoes from the Ram's Gate Winery culinary garden
Fall favorites: green zebra tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, bush baby squash, goldy yellow zucchini squash and Magda yellow zucchini squash.

Members, be sure to check out Chef Taylr’s pairings to taste these beautiful ingredients in action, complementing Ram’s Gate wines! The opal basil is currently accompanying the hanger steak, crafted to pair to our 2011 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The harvest will vary each day, so keep an eye out for extra bounty to take home after your visit to the winery!

Fresh garden veggies for Ram's Gate Winery Members

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