7 Ways Grapevines are like People

1. They need their space, but like being surrounded by their peers

Grapevines on the Ram's Gate Estate {The textbooks sometimes refer to this as vine vigor}


2. They rely on roots for protection and stability

Vines need roots. So do people.
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3. They need to sleep sometimes

Dormant Vine{Winter is coming.}


4. They need water to survive

Rainy vines on the Ram's Gate Estate {But not much. In spite of the 2014 drought, our estate is faring well.}


5. They come in all shapes and sizes – twiggy, gnarled, stocky, lanky, short and even gigantic.

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6. They need to be pruned each year in order to grow the next.

Pruning on the Ram's Gate Estate


7. The more struggles they are forced to overcome, the healthier they – and their fruits – become.




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