2014 CANVAS Hospitality Awards

We’re beyond thrilled to announce that our very own Zach Chamberlin is a finalist in the CANVAS 2014 Hospitality Excellence Awards. These awards were created to honor local professionals in seven different categories – concierges, tour guides, outdoor activities, beauty and health, restaurant, retail and winery. Nominees from all throughout Sonoma and Napa were submitted, and last week, Zach was announced as one of the top finalists in the Winery Staff – Sonoma category.

Congratulations, Zach!

While the final voting takes place, here’s a bit more on Zach. The below content was composed through a collaborative effort by his superiors and teammates here at Ram’s Gate nominating Zach almost unanimously to represent Ram’s Gate in these awards. Needless to say, we are so happy to see such a deserving candidate receive this honor.

Zach Chamberlain - CANVAS Hospitality Finalist

Zachary Chamberlin walked into his interview at Ram’s Gate Winery in full suit and tie and has maintained that same standard of professionalism ever since. He joined the Ram’s Gate Winery team in 2012 with a hospitality degree, telling his managers he was fully prepared to work his way up. He became part of the Ram’s Gate Winery team as a member of the Support Staff, assisting with various tasks in the Tasting Hall to ensure that the Wine Guides could spend as much time with winery guests. His humble, ever-present work ethic and thirst for learning made for an obvious promotion to Wine Guide in record time. There, he delivered an unparalleled tasting experience to winery guests. His manager once described that Zach “knew the wines and the foods better than anyone, even some of his managers… When a new employee joined the team, Zach was always the choice staff member to tell the Ram’s Gate Winery story and share about the wines and food dishes.”

When the Assistant Hospitality Manager position became available, Zach’s outstanding dedication and leadership made him the ideal candidate for the role.  He is the kind of employee who will drop everything to help, whether by leading a VIP winery tour or sanitizing tables at the end of a busy night. On countless occasions, he has abandoned his ever-accumulating pile of desk work to pour a glass of wine for a guest. The same selflessness applies to his coworkers as well: last fall, he volunteered to give up a portion of his day to help move filling cabinets for team members moving offices.

To every question, he has an answer; to every disaster, he has a solution; and whenever the Tasting Hall is in dire need of stemware, Zach is as willing to polish a wine glass as he was on his first day at the winery.

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