Our Story

Ram’s Gate Winery opened in the fall of 2011 as a place to press pause, to stop and savor what we love most. Our Sonoma winery focuses on small-lot Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and our aim is simple: to create the finest possible wines that only our climate and our terroir can produce.

It Begins in the Vineyard

We have the privilege to work with the marquee vineyards of Sonoma and Carneros, including Sonoma Coast’s famed Durell and Gap’s Crown Vineyards, Ulises Valdez’s admired Russian River portfolio, the Sangiacomo family’s Green Acres and Roberts Road Vineyards and from Carneros, Hyde Vineyard and Hudson Ranch along with our own estate vines, 28 acres of seven grape varieties representing the diversity and unique signature of southwestern Carneros.

Site-Driven Winemaking

Our winemaking team, spearheaded by industry veteran Jeff Gaffner, approaches winemaking as a way to showcase the signature of a unique site, often as specific as a few rows within a vineyard. Fruit is harvested and handled with care and intention, from selection in the vineyard to cluster- and berry-sorting on our custom designed tables.

Thoughtful Pairings

Our wines are made to be food-friendly, and we like to showcase that through delicious, locally sourced food pairings crafted by our culinary team. Our chefs first taste each wine carefully, thoughtfully and repeatedly to understand its unique composition of flavors and textures. They consider the wine as an ingredient — the base ingredient — in the palate masterpiece they then create.

An Inspiring Setting

We believe our wines deserve a breathtaking environment in which to be enjoyed. Architect Howard Backen designed Ram’s Gate, and the award-winning architect’s sensitivity to the natural landscape has resulted in a modern interpretation of the weathered farmsteads of old Carneros. In addition, the visionary style of internationally acclaimed interior designer, Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, is everywhere – a glorious mix of antiques and vintage items along with accent pieces, creating a dramatic story of high and low.

Our Team